Digital click occurs when using sample

I put the acoustic kick sample, which is 2 beats long, on the 1st and 3rd beats and worked on 8 bars. As I continued to listen, alternating between stop and play to focus on one point, the number of digital tick sounds increased and decreased, and the first sound occurred. Regardless of whether you start on the 2nd beat or where you start playing, a digital tick will always appear on the 3rd beat from the start of play.
It also appears if you fade in and out before and after the sample.
If the part that is stopped is in the middle of the sample, the frequency information must be initialized and played before playing again, but a tick appears as it is played following the frequency information of the stopped part.

Do you still get clicks if you increase the sample buffer size of your ASIO driver?

Even if I change it, it’s the same

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