Digital Distortion - Scratching Sounds - Cubase Motu

While running sessions or just using Cubase, I recently started having these (mostly infrequent) digital distortion events. I might run good for an hour or so before a quick distortion event happens after which everyone gets a little nervous wondering when another one might come.

If you view the short video of three different examples you’ll see that it crackles and distorts pretty badly, sometimes less sometimes more. It comes on just for a fraction of a second and if I’m in record it prints on the track rendering that take unusable. I think it may be my sound card or converter going bad… Possibly my PCI424 card is failing?? There may be a correlate to how many tracks are running (I know freezing the track but I haven’t tried any of that yet) or the large amount of tracks but it happens on more sprace arrangements too. Any ideas?

If you don’t watch the video my problem is that out of nowhere, while recording or during playback, I will sometimes have this very loud distortion which lasts maybe a second then the song continues to play but has skipped a beat (song might lag for a millisecond then continue with a hick-up). The sound is crackly and poppy and is very embarrassing and scary ad dangerous to my system sounding! Please help with any suggestions or ideas.

Thank you!!

The Womb Recording Studio, Lake Balboa, Ca
PC Windows Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 16GB Ram 64bit Operating System
Cubase 6, PCI424 Card, Motu 2408 MK3 & 2408 MK1, Motu MTPAV