digital dry erase board

What do you use to mark various completed stages through any given project to keep the band or yourselves in check so you remember where you last left off? As in the old tried and true dry erase board used for years where you X-ed off parts of songs as they were accomplished such as…Song #1 bass parts = DONE. Song#3 vocals + DONE. etc.

Just wondering if there’s an app that would be useful with Cubase for such a thing. I at the moment, write myself notes in Text Edit for projects. What do you use?

I dont use that. I just know where i left off.

Maybe a spreadsheet app like Excel or Numbers? With Numbers you can make cells that are check boxes.

I’ve made a shared spreadsheet in Google Sheets. I use it just like you mention - songs in rows; players/parts in columns. Add a column for mixed, mastered, and notes.