Digital Formatting vs Hard Copy

Hi, I’m enjoying the 3.5 update, some great stuff in there. Kudos to the team and continued development.
I’m not sure if the question below has been asked before, I had a search but couldn’t find anything - apologies if it has been addressed.

So a client wants hard copy paper sheet music and also digital formatted sheet music. The primary difference in the two is that the digital charts won’t have navigational markers, Coda’s D.S or even repeats - it will just be a read straight through, from beginning to end. The paper versions on the other hand will incorporate all the traditional navigational aids to help shorten the length of the chart.

Is the automation of this process something that people on this forum are interested in? Just a one click button that would print the music either at full length or the abbreviated version with all the navigational guides incorporated? Has anyone noticed if this is something that is on the radar for the Dorico development team?

It would certainly be a useful feature for this day and age where there is a real split between paper/digital usage. Going forward I imagine that paper will slowly be phased out, but who knows when- and maybe not - paper books have made a comeback.


Daniel’s response here looks rather promising:

Heh, I was just about to write much the same thing again!

Ok great thanks.