Digital noise after level reduction during playback

It happens about 1 in 50 times. However, I use this function with every breather, so quite often.
In other words, in a file of 60 minutes of voice recording, the problem appears about 3 - 4 times.

Yes, I also have version 10.0.70 on the computers in parallel. There I do not have the problem.

Is this something you have verified recently? (sorry for all my questions, but the more info, the better).

Yes, I used it on the same systems until 3 days ago last time. Because of this problem, I am very reluctant to use version 11 when editing and constantly switch to version 10.

No problem at all! I am happy when you try to help me.

Hi Phillipe,

here is another little update:
When I work slower, or even lower the level without a keyboard command, I don’t have the problem. It seems to happen exclusively when working fast.

It must be a coincidence. I yet have to make a script to attempt simulating/producing this case.

Can it be a very close key command but the wrong one
trigging this ?

regards S-EH

Ok. that sounds good.

I had suspected that at first (even though I used the same keyboard shortcuts in Wavelab 10), and changed the keyboard shortcut. But the problem remained.