Digital noise (crackling) with Cubasis3 on iPad Pro

I upgraded to IOS 15.3.1. I use Cubasis 3 and found it very good, but now I hear loud crackling sounds when I turn on the metronome. It does this with audio interface and through iPad speakers when disconnected from USB. What can fix this? Is this a bug in the software? My previous version of Cubasis 2 is still on the iPad Pro and does not have this problem.

I hear crackling when I put Cubasis in the background or bring it back to the foreground on my 2018 iPad Pro.

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Please give it a try if choosing a higher latency value resolves the problem.

In addition, we are in preparation of Cubasis 3.4.1, which will resolve several user-reported problems.

It would be great to have your feedback agin, once the update has been released.

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It is really the first problem I have experienced with it. It generally functions very well and I really enjoy working with the app, but this has stopped my project mid-way because the metronome disappears while generating all this noise makes it impossible to record. The program actually records cleanly, but I like to use the metronome as a count in and to keep me on track during recording.

I will adjust the latency and see if it resolves the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

Increasing latency to the maximum setting did succeed in eliminating the digital noise and restoring the sound of the metronome. Thank you for your help. I look forward to the next update.

Hi @Alrick_Huebener,

Thanks for your reply.

Glad to read that changing latency seems to have helped.
The team works on Cubasis 3.4.1 with high prio.

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Thanks for your help. Increasing the latency along with making sure all the wav files were at 48kHz seemed to have cleared up the problem.

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Hi @Alrick_Huebener,

Thanks for your reply.
We look forward to hear from you again, once the 3.4.1 update has been released.

Nice picture and upright, btw!

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