Digital Noise from UR824 outputs


I have just built myself a new DAW tower, see signature for spec.

I have some terrible digital noise coming from the audio outputs on the UR824, it’s pretty much unusable :cry: . The noise appears to be graphics related and changes as you move the mouse, and with screen output, etc.

Interestingly, the headphone outputs on the UR824 do not have the noise, just the main outputs which must be significant.

I’m using the build in HD graphics on the i7 and wondered if this had anything to do with it. I have been using the UR824 on a windows 10 laptop and a Macbook pro with no issue.

Apart from trying with a standard PCIe graphics card and fiddling around with ground loops (it’s too dramatic to be a ground loop), I’m running out of ideas. Updated to all latest drivers software, etc.

Anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts?




I just bought myself a PCIe graphics card and it’s made no difference :frowning:


I had the same issues, actually caused by ‘ground-loops’ because of several potentials in equipment.
After using a simple DI unit (e.g. Behringer Ultra DI-Pro with 8 inputs) the noise is completely gone.

In my setup the Yamaha Tyros5 produced the most noise because of the USB connection to PC
Also the PC soundcard output was pretty noisey.

The DI isolates the electrical ground (GND) between in- and output, so ground-loops stop humming.

Hi TRossie,

thanks for the input. My monitors are powered so I guess there could be a could be a ground loop set up between them and the UR824 or PC. I will disconnect the earth on the cable to monitor to check.



yup it’s a ground loop/noise issue. Thanks for your help.