Digital screech opening projects that have kontakt playback

Sorry if this has come up before - I did search but could not find it.

Mac version on iMac late 2015
mac OS 10.12
UR44 interface

When I reopen saved projects that use Kontakt for playback I currently get a v lound and unpleasant digital screech - lasts about a second or slightly less I would say.

Getting better at remembering to turn down audio before opening projects - but would be good if I didn’t have to.

Mine does this too os x 10.11 Kontakt 5.6.1

Hi guys,

sorry for being so late on this, but just now I got a full Kontakt license. So I can reproduce this digital noise, but to me it only happens on the very first time loading a project that utilizes Kontakt. Any project loading thereafter it is silent. I have to restart my Mac to get it back (for only 1 time). How is that with you, you get the noise on every project loading?
Furthermore, I get the noise only with the Built-in Audio device. Using my UR22, all is silent again. How is that with you, what audio device do you use?



I get it consistently, both through built in audio and through my UR44.

I’ve just tried opening and closing and then reopening projects with Kontakt - have done this 5 times in a row and everytime I do it I get the screech.

I am not restarting my iMac each time.

Hope this is helpful

Quick update - on the seventh time it didn’t make the noise. Have not tried restarting the computer again as I have a piece to finish but will let you know what happens when i do.

A bit OT but had the same for years when using Wallander Instruments (not Noteperformer) in Sibelius and never managed to find out why. (did ask the developer) Got a habit of turning off the speakers each time before starting Sibelius.


Thanks for the feedback, very helpful. Will of course address this issue, because it can’t be that it might damage someone’s ears or speakers.

A fix will appear in Dorico 1.0.20

Hi Ulf, can you tell us what was the problem so that I can pass that on to Wallander since having the same problem with wivi instruments in Sibelius. Or maybe that’s a trade secret.


It’s basically a matter of letting the audio engine only start producing audio, when really everything is initialized. If Wallander knows the issue, then it should be quite easy to fix it, as they know their code and the initialization procedure. To me it seems more that they don’t regard this issue serious enough…

Brilliant, thanks Ulf.