Digital Upgrade Issues - No Valid License

Hi all,

I recently purchased the digital upgrade from Cubase 4 to Cubase 7 directly from Steinberg, but I am prohibited to complete the upgrade. I’m running on a Mac Pro desktop from 2006 with OS X 10.7 on an Intel Xeon processor with 5+GB of RAM, plus a shit ton of space on my hard drive.

I’ve successfully downloaded Cubase 7 and updated to the most recent eLCC software for my iLok. When I try to open up Cubase 7, a pop-up from Cubase lets me know that no valid license to upgrade is found. I then follow the path to search for a valid license to upgrade through my eLCC software. It asks me to provide the authorization # for Cubase 7. After I enter in the correct authorization number I’ve been provided with during my purchase, it tells me that I still do not have a valid license to upgrade, and I have no option but to quit out of Cubase 7. My eLCC software recognizes my iLok number as being associated with Cubase 4 (which is correct - I’ve been using 4 since 2007), and it is acknowledged as a registered product in my MySteinberg account, but for some reason I’m prohibited from passing this point and I can’t complete the upgrade to 7. Something isn’t communicating correctly and I’m stumped. I have a request in to Steinberg for support but thought I’d try here too. Can you please help? Thank you!

-Rose Pistol