Digitize Cassette tape that has stretched I need help with pitch correction

I have some songs I would like to digitize into Cubase 12 from a cassette tape that has stretched I need help with pitch correction, The tracks have wobbling throughout the songs does anyone know a good way to correct to stabilize with a plugin or audio warp etc.
Cheers David

The only options that I am aware of (meaning i have no personal experience) to correct wow and flutter are Celemony capstan (which is specifically designed for tape restoration but very expensive) and Izotope RX, which has a wow and flutter module, but only in the advanced version, which is also very expensive.

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Capstan can also be rented.

This is possibly the single biggest challenge in tape restoration, so unless you’re doing it commercially and can get paid accordingly, it’s going to be very expensive, with no guarantee of success.

Here’s a good article that will give you some idea of the challenge:

Thank you Fese I check them out cheers

Thank you Mr Soundman my god very expensive I appreciate your message cheers