Dim. al niente missing when typed into popup bar Dorico 4.0.3

Hello dear Dorico Team,

I am not sure, whether this topic was already brought up here, I couldn’t find any post, please forgive me if it was already talked about.

I realized one thing: if one types in a cresc./dim. al/dal niente ALONE in the popup box (" >0 ") then it works perfectly

but as soon as its combined with another dynamic (like here “ppp>0”) then the “al/dal niente” doesnt work:

It would be wonderful, if one could adapt it in the next version, so that the popup command “0<” or “>0” will just always activate the dal niente tickbox, for this very crescendo. (not for all in the series, because sometimes one might also write something like “0p” and so of course the second dim. should not have the niente-circle)

That would be amazing for the workflow. Thanks so much for all your support!

Yes, we are aware of this limitation and hope to improve it in a future version.