Dim al niente -- scaling

I’ve noticed that al niente dims seem to happen quite rapidly, and seem not to take into account the note-length to which they apply. Is there a convenient way of scaling or shaping them?

You can edit all gradual dynamics in the dynamics editor in the Key Editor.

Hm… that’s interesting: there seems to be a difference between the shape of the curve in the dynamics editor compared to the curve above it in cc1. It’s hard to see for sure.

Anyway, I don’t see how I would edit/amend/adjust the curve as such. I mean that I might expect to see Bezier curve handles, for instance.

An added complication: it is addressing a VSL instrument, with dynamics assigned to cc1 & cc 11 – so there are two curves, one for each cc.

You can’t make a curve using Dorico’s line tool, because it only provides straight lines. But you can draw a freehand curve using the pencil tool if you wish.

I think I’d manage without, given that I use the technique frequently. I wonder whether it might be possible to implement a convex/concave option in the Properties editor with the Niente style options?

In due course, perhaps so. We’d like to make it possible to have simple curves in the Key Editor in future.

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