Diminished chord

Probably a very silly question…how do I input a diminished chord in DORICO? In Sibelius I used to type “dim”, but in DORICO it doesn’t work.


Do you mean in a chord symbol? You can type “dim” into the chord symbols popover, but whether the resulting chord symbol displays the text “dim” depends on your default settings for chord symbols.

You can change these defaults in Engraving Options if you have Pro, or in the Library > Chord Symbol Options dialog if you have Elements.

Well, actually that works. But there are Engraving options for you to choose how you want them to show in the score (dim, circle, b5…)
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PS: there are no silly questions

Got it thanks…it was just a matter of changing the look of it in the Engraving options…thanks! :slight_smile:

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