Diminuendo with Halion sounds

Hello. I am using Elements 9.5 and recently added a Halion string sound into my song, but I cannot get it to decay . . . diminuendo/decrescendo . . . .fade. Sorry, not sure what word to use.


Use MIDI CC 11 (Expression) controller to control your instrument’s volume dynamically while maintaining mix balance.

Double click a MIDI part and press the “plus” icon to the bottom left of the Key Editor to add more MIDI controller lanes.

right with you on everything, except that I can’t get anything to show up in the CC 11 portion. It’s just a a blank space.

i think i got it. i had to make sure i was in pencil/draw mode. the faster the set the quantizize, the more control you have. In my case, I was just holding a note for 3 bars. Thanks for showing me this.