Direct bus defaults for new tracks

Thank you for this awesome update first of all. very exciting.

The direct bus seems to do what the sends did for me anyway. If I could put a send on an output or if I could set default unity gain outputs for created tracks that would be the missing link here to this making a difference for me.
my stems bounce to a different machine so my music bus needs to go to both my monitors and my Nuendo/picture rig which I still need to bus with a send from my main mix so I still need to make a group channel to bus my music through before I send it out to it’s destination which means I still have to set the destination of every track I create manually. either a default outputs setting for new tracks or a send on the actual output would resolve this for me. Setting the Group channel as the default output for any newly created track would also work. It is nice to have stems and effect sends separated however this does not really save me any time at this point.

all this new stuff is fantastic thank you very much for all the awesome work.

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