Direct e-mail address required for United Kingdom Cubase Technical Support

Just tried Microsoft edge,no luck with Google or Microsoft browsers,so that really only leaves Sky Broadband to be at fault now or some other browser extension, I am not getting to next page of Steinberg support ticket as shown by Romantique,trust me I wish I was.

Which brings me back to my original question,
Can I please have a direct e-mail address for support ,thank you.

I’ve tried that right now and it works (Windows 10, Firefox 110). I could choose “Other …” and got as far as the form to fill out to raise a support ticket. It did insist on filling out the “Title” field (Mr/Ms) but that was all.

Of course, one has to be logged into MySteinberg in an active session. If there is any software blocking cookies (AV or ad blocker) it may interfere with the process. The easiest troublshooting step would be to try another device.

Mr Soundman ive tried different browsers devices in pc’s, laptops and phones the link doesnt work.
Certain Steinberg employees have difficulty in admitting that their products and service have faults.
I want direct e-mail address which obviously i am not getting from Steinberg Employees on this forum
I can not get this page and i am not receiving the correct type of help from Steinberg employees on this Forum. Not a nice way to treat users who spent their hard earned money

Management contacted and made aware.
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