Direct Mixdown function needed

It’d be very useful to have a direct (dry) mixdown option in case all the effects (EQ, sintrest, sends, strips, etc.) are not necessary and a “dry” signal should be mixed down instead.

At the moment, if the mix console is full of effects, it needs lot of time to de-activate/bypass and re-activate back all the processes, or it need (as I usually do) reset the mix console and then revert the project.

“Bypass mix effects” (or I you want to name it) function in the audio mixdown window would be very much appreciated!

Thank you, best regards.

You can bypass more than one channel at once. Bypass EQ, Bypass Inserts, Bypass Sends all separate, or combined into one command.

Thanks, yes I know that. It needs to remember it 1. before the mixdown, and 2. revert them back after the mixdown.

Moreover, I meant also that the mixer channels/groups volume should not affect the mixdown level, especially if I do a multiple export (separate channels). As now, it needs to set all channels/groups volume to 0 dB before export. Then, everything must be set back or re-load the project…

Also, what about pan-pots? Cubase takes them into consideration as well (of course)… Too many things to remember to do if I need a simple “dry” mixdown of stereo or multiple tracks. Therefore, the easiest and safest thing is to do a mixer reset. But then, again, it needs to reload the project again.

Generally: Bypass function should let audio tracks go (as they are on the hard drive) fully unprocessed. just export them “dry” when needed.

Hmmm, trying to formulate what you are talking about?

I do a similar thing sometimes where I just create a new drymix project via backup project and reset mixer - this is the safest way of not messing things up in the mix project.

You could potentially use Mixer snapshots as well - but - I have not tested this at all yet so don’t take my word and screw up your project. You might be able to take a snapshot, and then reset mixer.

But, I guess your feature request, either way, is to speed this up

Thanks for the suggestion.

Usually, (as example) this “dry” mixdown is needed when exporting stems to send to another studio for mixing.