Direct monitoring and long latency plugins

Second thread in the row :mrgreen: don’t kill me.
I’m using C9.0.20 on Windows 10, latest update.
Yesterday I was checking some reverb plugins live, and some other plugins. I had microphone in front of me and headphones on my head. For low latency I clicked on constrain delay compensation and that worked fine. I started switching plugins on inserts and when i opened plugin that can’t bu utilized in constrain delay compensation mod I wanted to switch to another but drop down menu didn’t work. I couldn’t move it or delete it. Then I turned back on delay compensation and plugin became blue and now i could switch it off. Does any of you have similar problem when you try this.


That is what constrain delay compensation does. It disables any plugin that has a delay, so it seems everything is working as it should.

Yea, that is fine, but I can’t change it to another one or discard it because drop down menu wan’t show.

Plugins that are turned off/disabled can’t be removed or changed. That seems inconvenient for those trying to find plugins with tolerable latencies as you are. Since the misnamed “Delay Compensation Threshold” is much more effective at determining plugin latencies than the “Plug-in Manager”, your approach would be a good one, if Cubase supported it. :wink: