direct monitoring and playback together?

Hi everyone,
I’m using the mr816x with cubase 8.5 on windows 10, direct monitoring selected, so hardware integration in mixpanel.

I take an example: I have recorded 2 tracks, guitar and vocal.

  1. To hear my voice and my guitar while recording, I have to switch on the direct monitor (DM) button for each track (little orange HP button), so I can hear without latency and that’s fine, even with reverb.

  2. to listen to my recording I must switch off the DM button

  3. I’m not happy with only a part of my voice track, so I decide to record a new take with punch in.
    AND HERE COMES A ISSUE: to hear my voice I must switch on the DM button, but I can’t hear anymore the first take of my voice…

I wish I can hear the sound of the first take to sing over and get the same feeling to punch in correctly.

Is it possible with this new integration?
Is it an other way to listen simultanously the input (voice coming from the MR816) and the playback (voice recorded) for the same track?

I have tried to disable the direct monitoring and use the MR Editor (because there is a DAW return channel in the mixing panel of the MR editor), but, when cubase is running, the MR editor cannot be used (firewire port used by an other application, cubase in fact).

Thanks in advance for your reading and interest to my question.

yes, i got the same problem,
no, it isn´t possible. it´s an issue of the program. it keep just left to convert the recorded version of your vocals in a part, select the start and the end of the part, so that is exactly in matching bar-length (if it not already is) and just drag or copy the part into another audio-track, which is open to playback and after this( if you like doubletracking you match these both tracks together) or you select the best pieces out of your records and fit this to an good event of its own,or even better record several versions in diffrent lanes under one track and than find the right pieces together and match them by deleting all the pieces you don´t want to proceed, after this all selected parts will matched together at the main-lane-track.

Hello raz cozyr,
Thank you for your answer. So I quit searching for that and I will use your way to do it.

And I have find this:
I can apply the monitoring mode “tapemachine style” defined in the vst preferences:
1.Select File > Preferences > VST.
2.Open the Auto Monitoring pop-up menu and select a monitoring mode.

So, when I record or when I am in “stop position”, le monitor is automatic set to “on” and when I am in “play position”, the monitor is set to off.
So I don’t need always click on the monitor button.

Maybe that’s help a little.

2 ways i can suggest to overcome this.

1:i always open extra tracks just for monitoring… so lets say im recording guitar and vocal, ill create 2 tracks for the actual recording ,one for vocal and one for guitar (record button is on the monitor button is off)
then ill create 2 more tracks just for monitoring,(turn the monitor button only on them)one for the vocal and one for the guitar with the inputs you need (say input one for vocal and input 2 for guitar)
this way you always monitor and also you can adjust the levels of monitoring separately from the recorded track etc…

option 2: uninstall the MR extension and use the MR Mixer along with cubase for monitoring

Hello Mozizo,
Your suggestion 1 is exactly what I need.
The way to do it is so simple, but I was thinking too far and I was stocked with the idea of one track.
Ok, with this solution, we have to manage 3 groups of tracks (input in red, monitoring tracks and recorded tracks).
But, with a little bit of organisation, this can be very confortable, as you say, to adjust all levels separetly.
Thanks a lot for your reply.
For the option 2, I didn’t know it could be done. But that was the way I was using the direct monitoring before the integration in cubase mixer, thanks the daw return in the mr mixer. The problem is just that we have to switch between the 2 applications. So, the option 1 is perfect: all in cubase, same mixer.
Thanks again.