Direct Monitoring do not work

I have the latest 1.7 drivers installed. Evertyhing worked fine with 1.6 and cubase 5/6. When I try to record directmonitoring with reverb (ADAT) no signal is present. I cant here anything in headphones. If I dont use direct monitoring i have a signal into cubase 6 but i cant here anything. I can only manage this by pressing “listen” button in the mixer (on input channgel) But then everything else is to low. This worked fine before. PLease Steinberg. Have a look at this. At least give us an option do use 1.6. I do not have the drivers saved. FTP?
I use windows 7 64 bit premium with cubase 6 32 bit. Lenovo thinkcentre computer. 4 GB RAM.

Okay I have tried both 1.6 and 1.7 with cubase 6. I found a solution. This is not as easy as it was with cubase 5. When direct monitoring is activated a second mono bus must be in use for the mono channel. Lets call it mic buss. In order to here ADAT reverb at channel 2 (MR816 1/2 right input) both channels must be in use. In cubase 5 a could use a mono channel and choose right putput for stereo 1/2. But not in cubase 6. The mix mono bus send the right stereo 1/2 sound to the headphones. This must be some sort of bug.