Direct Monitoring for TF1

Hi, I’m using a Yamaha TF1 as my audio interface for Cubase 11. I’d love to use the Direct Monitoring capability that Cubase has, but it is greyed out in the options for the TF1 (Steinberg USB) driver. Since Yamaha and Steinberg are the same company, it seems odd that this capability wouldn’t be enabled to make their own products work together optimally. Am I doing something wrong, or is this simply a feature that isn’t (yet) implemented in that driver? If so, what’s the best way to get this request into the Steinberg/Yamaha development team?

Direct monitoring is not only a question of driver support. The device (TF1) needs to be able to internally send inputs direct from AD/DA converter to outputs without going to the computer first.

That’s true! And since the TF1 is a full blown digital mixing board (TF Series - Overview - Mixers - Yamaha Professional Audio Products - Products - Yamaha USA) it has that capability.