Direct Monitoring- FX

Ok. I have to use Direct Monitoring due to delay that is created by a latency from my audio interface.
Is there a way to use DM and still be able to put some wetness :open_mouth: to the track for a vocalist by using vst’s?

Yep, not too hard. I am assuming you mean adding some reverb from a plugin while recording, without getting distracting delayed-original sound in the vocalist’s monitor mix?

There are various ways to achieve this, but the simplest I’ve found is to:

  • mute the output of the track you are recording onto (so you only get the direct monitor return to the performer and none of the latency-delayed return from the DAW),
  • use a Send from that channel to a reverb plugin on an FX track, sent Pre-Fade (so it is not cut by the channel being in mute).

Note that if you have enabled the VST option to ‘Mute Pre-Send when Mute’ then the Pre-Send will be muted (duh!). Another option for this is to set the output bus of this channel to ‘No Bus’, but it’s a bit fiddlier to keep switching that every time you want to hear what you’ve just recorded, so another option is to send it to a Group channel and just mute that during recording (as long as you haven’t enabled the ‘Group Channels: Mute Sources as well’ option… starting to twitch yet? :confused: )

Possibly a more versatile option is to:

  • select the vocalist’s mic as input to two audio channels
  • use one of the tracks to record the vocalist (dry, and Muted)
  • on the other track put a reverb as an insert set to 100% wet and adjust the level of this for the reverb sent to their cans.

It goes without saying that the latency involved will end up as a de facto pre-delay on the reverb sent back to the performer, but if this is bothersome the best option might be to buy a hardware reverb for use in tracking - something like the lower-end Lexicons or Alesis Microverb should be ideal just to give the singer a bit of comfort!

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I think I wrote that already:
Your MR 816CSX should be capable of providing zero latency monitoring, and FX, so start to RTFM !!!

I would highly recommend using a hardware unit. I have a TC Electronics M300, the newer one is an M350. I know it’s an additional expense but they’re pretty cheap and if you record at 44.1 or 48, you can hook it up via SPDIF. It’s really a lot easier to dial in reverb or delay that will fit whatever song you’re recording this way too. I like the controls on TC’s unit much better for this than some of the other units I’ve seen because there are knobs for dialing everything in, instead of having to go in a tweak each preset internally.

Good luck,

Straightforward with the MR816 CSX.

Once that’s set up (some users, including me, had a bit of a mare with this!) Then it works like a dream - no latency, and dedicated reverb for the Cue Mix.

Or if you have a mixer with more than one output bus you can do it that way by sending the vocal to alt 1&2, splitting the signal so alt 1 goes direct into cubase and alt 2 can go to a hardware reverb unit which you then feed back into your mixer. you don’t need a highly expensive unit for this’ which the vocalist can then monitor via your mixer, i used to do it this way all the time before control room was introduced… YAY for control room! :mrgreen:

Hi Billum, some years later but I still hope you could help.

I followed your procedures but there was no way to make that work (with both plugins or external effect).

I have a MR816CSX but its internal plugins are “not available”. I asked the tech support and hopefully they’re gonna solve it.
In any case I’d like to make it work the way you suggested.

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