Direct Monitoring grayed-out

Hello to all,

I cannot listen what I record in real time with plugs/effects. I can hear ok but digital dont seem to kick in, everything seem to remain analog. I try to activate the “direct monitoring” option but it’s grayed out!

I have Cubase Artist 7 on Windows 7 and a Echo 2 Audio USB midi interface.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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You need to monitor via Cubase.
If direct monitoring is grayed out, your interface doesn´t support it. But that is just the opposite of what you want anyway.

Check for a knob on the device that controls the mix between it and the computer. Set it to computer.

Sad that my device does not support it, I payed over 400$ for it :frowning:. Is there an alternative??

But why is it the oposit of what I want? Sorry to sound a bit lame but I’m in a major learning curve here.

What I want to do is to be able to hear the effects of my Cubase plugins in real time as I play/sign. Everything gets recorded as it sould and I can listen to it from Cubase with the effects when I play it after being recorded.

Thanks you

I have a “monitor” (input monitoring) button on my Echo 2 USB device. Would that be it?
Specs says:
-Each input may be monitored, or passed through to the outputs. The slider control sets
the monitor level from muted at the bottom to full (0dB) at the top.
There are two different monitoring modes to choose from. To switch from one to the
other press the MON button for two seconds. The MON indicator LED will either be on
steady or slowly flash to show which monitor mode is currently being used.
Steady LED – “Live” mode. Each input is monitored equally through both
outputs (center panned).
Flashing LED – “Studio” mode. IN 1 is monitored through OUTL (panned hard
left) and IN 2 is monitored through OUTR (panned hard right).

You have the device, why don’t you try it? :confused:

I was not completely correct - the grayed out box means - it does not support ASIO direct monitoring
Your interface does support direct monitoring, but not ASIO Direct monitoring. And I think, you´re confusing direct monitoring with input monitoring.

Because you want to monitor with FX - therefore you need to monitor via Cubase. “ASIO Direct monitoring” bypasses Cubase and monitors via the hardware, controlled from within Cubase.
Direct monitoring bypasses Cubase and monitors via hardware but not controlled from within cubase.

Yes, you´re monitoring the record path via your interface, and playback via Cubase. You need to enable input monitoring on record - are doing that?