Direct monitoring greyed out

Hello all,

I run Cubase Studio 5 on osx 10.6.6
I have a mr816 connected and the problem is that under the device setup, I can not select direct monitoring because the option is greyed out.

I have read in the read-only archived forum, that you can not use this option at all on osx but this is not true.
In Cubase AI 4 I can select this option.

Would anyone know what couses this problem and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance for useful sugestions.



Is there anybody who has managed to select the direct monitoring checkbox on a mac with os x 10.6.6 using cubase studio 5.5.2 ?

To add some more information, after installing Tools for MR several times I somehow still have the feeling that Cubase Studio is not aware of my MR 816.
Yamaha Steinberg FW does show under Device Setup > VST Audio System and the device does play the audio but,
when I try to find a dedicated window for the MR816 CSX, clicking the little triangular button (Extended View Type/Can hide State) of the desired input channel in the mixer, I do not see the option " Hardware" as the manual tells me to expect.

I could really use some help here even if my questions are stupid.
To me this is all complicated stuff.

Install the 1.7 update that will fix it!

Yes, So I’ve learned yesterday.
This version wasn’t available when I posted my message, only since yesterday.

Problem solved.

Thanks for your response.