Direct Monitoring: hard to gauge what you're recording

I like the direct monitoring function, but the level is reduced to the point that you can’t really know when what you’re recording. It’s great to monitor latency free, but it’s even better to monitor the SOUND. And I wonder if it’s just level reduction (of the signal that you’re recording) or if there is some other sonic alteration…making it more dull? Lately, and even when recording without any inserts or sends, I’ve just been lowering the buffer to lower the latency as much as possible and forgetting about direct monitoring. This is hard to do when you’re layering on a near complete song that is packed with processing. But in such cases, it’s all the more important to hear the sound the way that it’s sitting in the mix.

Interesting enough i have exactly the same problem as you describe here except I use a brand new UR824…
when i record any audio signal (mic or a DI guitar or synth through the analog inputs) the levels are okay in any case, the recording sounds good (good preamps indeed) but using the DM options makes it very hard for me to hear what’s being recorded…like you say latemcy free but can’t hear what’s going on…and if I record vocals it’s virtually impossible even for the singer to hear themselves…and I don’t know what to do!..
maybe someone here will be be able to help us!
Thank you.

radukku, follow this thread: