Direct Monitoring, Hardware FX and RME Total Mix

Hello there !
I’m running Nuendo 10.3 in Direct Monitoring Mode with an RME UFX+, everythings goes fine.
I have a external hardware reverb. Is it possible to send the input signal to the reverb ? (send in Nuendo, because in TotalMix it would be an hassle).

It is possible to send the signal to the reverb, but the talent won’t be able to hear it, because he/she is in M mode.
If that is the goal, then you need to use Totalmix; which is a mixer that controls the DSP on the hardware.


Thank you Fredo,
My problem is that when i set up a send on a track in Nuendo (with external Input / Output), this send is not “mirrored” in Total Mix.
I try to record and mix my own synths using this method. For musicians, i set up directly in Total Mix.
I assume that is not possible ?

Somewhat unrelated, but since you have a UFX+ and are using ASIO Direct Monitoring, maybe you know something about this. I just got this device upgrading from an ancient FF800. I have a TB and USB 3 capable PC. When I connect the UFX+ with TB, ADM doesn’t work at all. If I connect it with the USB3 connection, it works. My first rodeo with TB, so I have no idea if on Windows it can cause these type issues, or if it’s the FFUFX+ driver or what. But is sounds like you have your UFX+ working with a TB connection. Are you using a Mac or PC? I have a new DELL T5820 Windows workstation for this setup.

Thanks for any info.