Direct Monitoring Issue (Please Help)

I am using the UR44 / Macbook Pro Yosemite / Apple Logic DAW

The problem with the direct monitoring is, when I want to mute the current instrument that I am playing (Happens for both direct input with the guitar cable, and XLR microphones), the Interface still sends the output of whatever it is I am playing. I want to be able to play an instrument without hearing it in my headphones, so I can listen to the rest of the song without hearing the current instrument I am trying to record.

For example, I want to record my guitar while I listen to the Drums ONLY on Logic. Instead, and even when I turn direct monitoring OFF, I still hear my guitar in the headphones.
Also you should know that I can hear the direct monitoring even when Logic is not open. As soon as my computer is on, I dont have to run any programs to be able to hear what I am playing through the headphones.

Is this an issue with the drivers? Anyone know how I can solve this problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.