Direct Monitoring off. Can I still monitor with FX?

Cubase 7 - With direct monitoring ‘on’, is it in any way possible to record say a bass player (direct line in) and add a VST Amprack effect that he can monitor when playing/recording?

The manual says no but I’m wondering if there is a workaround, e.g. using the VST connections, group/FX in any way?


No. With DM on, you are hearing the foldback through the sound card. With DM off, yes you can monitor with your effects on and hear it.

Direct monitoring means that the signal is monitored via audio interface and goes from there right to your speakers. You can’t see the Eiffel Tower while driving from Liverpool to Manchester.

Use external effects or accept the latency. You can see the latencies of plugins by going Devices - Plugin Information.

Thanks. Was worth double checking.


With DM on then if I were to use an external effect box like the Mx200 lexicon will I be able to set that up as an ‘external effect’ in device connexion and feed in sends to the cue mixes with zero latency?

As explained by Asgardao and Woodcreat studio already - with direct monitoring on, all your audio that is being recorded is monitored via your hardware and can´t be heard in Cubase until playback. Therefore it can´t also be taken as send feed.
You can split input of your interface and send it out to a hardware reverb unit via your interface - if it allows such a routing via inbuilt mixer or something.

As said in your other thread already - with direct monitoring off and “constrain delay compensation” on and the verb as send, you can monitor through the low buffers of the soundcard, with the Plugin delay of the reverb not taken into account.
And lastly, though you don´t seem to answer my questions anyway and I know, it´s not what you´re asking - once again: The MR 816s inbuilt Reverb should provide you with direct monitoring and zero latency reverb.

before i had MR816 i used sound card with no dsp, i used the trick for using wet reverbs (as latency was as pre delay )from cubase mixed with the direct dry signal from hardware. :wink:

not good for real time processing as guitar amp simulator though

Thank you woodcrest and others. Answers all my questions now.