Direct monitoring on Cubase 6 with MAC....

Hello I am new here… Hello!
I had a bad experience
I was PC user with MOTU and Rosetta Apogee and nuendo for years
now I decide to change for mac…so
I bought a new mac and a new interface Ensamble that I joined with the rosetta
So I was so disapointed when I saw that the direct monitorng didn´t work
It is a real shit to work in a proffesional way.
I changed the interface for MOTU and the same.
I tried with Aurora Lynx… again
I wrote to steinberg and they told me that the MR816 work on mac.
Please someone can tell if work?
I sepnt a lot of money and I am so confuse
Apple… Apogee…Motu… Lynx
Why in PC work?
I don´t understand…

Best regards

yes I am using mr816csx on mac lion works fine !!!

I’m sorry to tell my MR816CSX has severe problems with the firewire interface. At the moment I switch from one to another project the connection to Steinberg FW (MR) is disconnected and pretty hard to hard to get it alive again.

Both my iMac and MR are brand-new.
The MR worked fine on PC, but I still have no idea what is wrong in the Mac setup (i5 27" )

I hope Steinberg will contact me about the solution(s)… probably driver updates?

I am having very few problems with the firewire interface - they are few and minor - to say they are major I believe is an overstatement.

To direct monitor, Devices => device set-up => set the "device => Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO.

When you select Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO, click on the “direct monitor”.

Make sure the audio track you’re recording has the “monitor” button selected.

To add the effects to the monitor, you will need to make sure the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver is set to ADAT (if you’re going to apply the effects to your already recorded tracks as a VST plug in, you will need to set this to External).

One thing I’m not sure of is you might need to set-up your project from the beginning using one of the templates for the 816. It will make it easier for sure. Once you do this, you will be able to adjust the REV-X & Morphing from the mixer window.
Look on page 14 of the Operation Manual (provided as a PDF) - it explains it pretty clearly.

Hang in there, it works quite nicely and the onboard effects are amazing.

But the MR doesn’t work with direct monitoring on a mac???

MR816 do indeed work with direct monitoring in OSX.

Yes… Direct monitoring definitely works on a Mac.

Set up the 816 as the audio device in the Device Set Up

Make sure your VST Connections are all routed to the right hardware ins and outs

It should be that if you select Inkput 1 on a track and click the Monitor Button ( the orage speaker icon) on the track you’ll hear the input signal from that input straight out the Headphone output…

Maybe try pushing the Quick Connect button on the front of the 816 ( on the channel you a mic plugged into) to let Cubase setup the routing for you?

As far as i know the SB interfaces are the only ones that allow conrol of Direct Monitoring from a DAW directly. It does work!


Thanks. Got it working I had to install driver three times though!