Direct Monitoring question - no sound

Hi, at first I want to say, that i spent a few hours with google etc. and I didn’t find an answer, so if there already is a solution to my problem then post a link please :wink:

Ok, so I’ve got LE 4 and I have no idea how to set up all that. I mean I chose outputs, asio (Lexicon Omega) and all, but when it comes to record I’m confused, because I can’t even diagnose the problem. I mean:
-One time I can record and playback it, but then I can’t listen to for example Youtube.
-Other time I can’t record and hear anything.
-And the other time I can listen to my ‘computer music’ but can’t record.
That changes because of checking and unchecking “Direct Monitoring”, but I couldn’t spot any rule. (trials and errors;) )

For clarity I want to be able to record, playback and listen to winamp without checking any options in “Device setup”.
Didn’t found it in manual. How can I fix it? Thanks in advance :wink:

Un-check DM. Find the mix knob on your device that controls whether sound comes from the device or computer and adjust. Also, make sure Release ASIO Driver In Background isn’t checked.

Thanks for response. I’ve unchecked DM, “release asio …” is unchecked too. My device knob allows me to monitor both (playback + direct) at one time. The problem persists, now I’m not able to record, but can listen to music.

Is the correct ASIO driver selected ein Device Setup? Correct buses in VST Connections?

Yes (Omega ASIO), buses too, because without changing them I can sometimes record and playback.

Don’t know if this will help but…

Once you have set everything up in Cubase that you want and works then save it as a template, then next time you launch Cubase and do a new project select that template.

Also make sure the Lexicon is plugged in and switched on before you launch Cubase.

the problem is that I can’t do it :wink: now after unchecking DM I can listen to music but can’t record. ‘Stereo In’ are set up properly I think, because in Control Panel --> Sound I can see ‘jumping’ levels next to ‘In’ to which my gear is connected in, also I can hear it.

I don’t know if this is important, but I have Win7 x64.

De-select the device for anything to do with Windows and try Cubase. You should re-start the comp before trying Cubase. You want the knob on the device set to Playback.

“De-select the device for anything to do with Windows and try Cubase”

What does it mean, you mean disconnect in Control Panel?

Yeah, in Windows Control Panel. Some ASIO drivers aren’t multi-client. Posting screenshots of Device Setup, VST Connections ins and outs and the project window may help sorting this. It shouldn’t be this hard.

If that doesn’t work, try trashing Prefs (see sig.) and setting it up from scratch.

Ok, this is what my control panel looks like:
This setup haven’t been changed by me almost since installing Cubase and 1st configuration.
But I think I figured it out :smiley: it’s a bit strange, but fact that DM is checked or not doesn’t matter at all. All I have to do when starting Cubase is to change its status (if checked then uncheck etc). I think that it wasn’t intention of Steinberg people, but that’s how it works on my setup :wink: