Direct Monitoring Suggestions

Hi, Ive been using a hybrid setup for ages where i did all my monitoring on an analog console while working with cubase. Recently i decided to try and see if using the cubase control room with rme totalmix in asio direct monitoring mode would have better results. Although im happy with analog monitoring on the console im trying to mimimize use of it and maybe automate a few tasks(also using an avid artist mix so i though i could use this for monitoring too) Anyone using a similar setup? if yes what do you consider to be a good workflow?

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If you include your setup in the signature we could probably advise you better

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Yes you re right…done it

Just FYI, the newest RME driver with remote control enabled works really well with their free ios app. That way I have totalmix on an iPad and can have it up permanently.

Thats not a bad idea actually!

I’m using latest Cubase Pro with RME UFX. Direct Monitoring is buggy if you’re using mono sources. Just try to monitor your mono input in Cubase and pull the fader all down - you can see that fader in TotalMix also went full down, but also panning of this channel went fully right. With stereo channels there is no such a problem. Also, when you shut down Cubase it messes up TotalMix panorama settings for all channels, that was monitored in Cubase (basically some monitored channels went full left and others full right). I tried all the setups with TotalMix and end up speaking with RME support that confirmed, that it’s Cubase bug. I experience this since 7.5 I guess, not sure if it worked correctly before 7.5. In Studio One Direct Monitoring is working perfectly. So, my suggestion is not using Direct Monitoring function in Cubase, instead use TotalMixFX Remote or change the levels manually.

I mentioned this bug in several surveys since 7.5 - nothing changed, so I suppose this problem is at the bottom of the list for Steinberg.

I thought this was something i wasnt setting up properly!so if i setup everything in stereo it should be ok?its not ideal tho. and im thinking of adding an rme arc remote if i go the digital monitoring path