Direct Monitoring with nsert plugins

So upgraded to 9.5 and went to do my normal thing (which is guitar direct into my UR44 and using the VST amp sim on the insert to get the sound)…

I don’t hear the insert, just the DI guitar. The track is set to record and direct monitoring is enabled. And after I record the part and play it back the insert does what it should. Just not on the record. I have been able to always do this prior to this version. I feel its something easy that I’m missing but have been unable to uncover it.

If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them :smiley:


Is the Direct Monitoring enabled or the Monitor button on the track? If the Direct Monitoring, then this is the problem.

Thanks… it seems to me that it worked previously but maybe not… I turned off direct monitoring in the hardware panel and now i have the inserts and a bit of latency :slight_smile: