Direct monitoring with sound effects

Hi all,

I have tried to add effects on a direct monitour signal, but with no luck. Perhaps this is not possible? I use Cubase 9 with UR44 soundcard, hence software Direct Monitoring.

Thanks in advance for help with this!



UR44 has DSP FX specifically for using on direct monitored signal.

But how? Same thing with me. Just got a UR242 to use with Cubase pro 9. FX channel in “hardware” tab on console mixer is greyed out.
Also, do I have to activate the monitor button on the track to hear myself, never had to on my previous MOTO microbook 2, always had a direct signal. Very frustrating. I would be grateful for any help, thank you.

Yes you have to activate monitor…Cubase is integrated with the UR so that even direct monitoring is controlled from Cubase.

Can you screencap the bit you say is greyed out…the whole hardware strip is grey so it’s not telling me much.
I take it you’ve read the manual “dedicated windows for cubase series”

Hi Grim, got that sorted ok, didnt see the little 3 way switch,
One more thing though if you don’t mind, Can you set up a dedicated cue send for headphones on the 242 independent of the main mix, can’t figure that one out at all. Maybe it’s not possible?
Thank you. James B

I don’t think it’s possible…in UR44 or UR28M (and above) you have multipe mixes that can be accessed via VST connections but as far as I can see the UR242 only has Mix1? Maybe someone who owns one will know for sure?