Direct monitoring

any workaround for using direct monitoring and software monitoring at the same time? I have to record guitar rig and many other instruments: I have to sacrifice direct monitoring funcion of my MR816X?

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The obvious thing to try would be monitoring your DAW with the latency on your driver down. That has always been difficult without getting unwanted artifacts in your material, but the new ASIO drivers by Steinberg allow you to record at lower latencies than were ever possible before.

Thank you for help, sir!

Anyway…if anyone at steinberg is reading (uhm…): let us enable direct monitoring on singles channel! Especially on your soundcard.


I don’t have a Steinberg interface but I can choose which inputs are direct monitored by turning off the audition button & turning up the input monitor in the interface software …but not sure how you’re expecting this will help anyway…your guitar rig signal can not be direct monitored & I’m guessing this is the thing causing you problems?

Well, you can always enable software monitoring…them use the control panel mixer of the Soundcard to route the “dry” tracks to the cue…while allowing the amp sim track to monitor wet.

Or, you know…tell the guitar player to buy an amp.

It really depends on how fast your processor is.

On my old AMD X2 I got mad latency issues with only 2-3 instances of Guitar Rig in line. Now, with my new i7 2.3G I can set the buffer to 64 and I get 3 ms of latency. :slight_smile:

Don’t even hear it

Yes, 6ms is the level of latency that the human ear can detect. Many have reported that they can bring their latencies down that far with the new Steinberg drivers for the UR and CI series and not get clicks in the audio. Impressive development.

Don’t forget a lot of plugins introduce there own “latency” thats not reported in the soundcards driver panel? Go to plugin information and you can see how many samples each plugin is using!