Direct Monitoring

If I’m always using direct monitoring is there an optimal way to set-up my Interface(UR28) and DAW?
How often do others tweak with their ASIO and latency settings etc etc…?

I have truly “direct monitorin” with the Lynx AESe interface. I don’t know of any other way to get it without this
type of interface.

Interesting Krug. I have yet to experience latency issues that I know of. They may be there, I just don’t hear them
or see them.

There are very few systems capable of ‘direct monitoring’ the lynx that krug uses can and my motu 424 system can by using cuemix BUT there are downfalls by using it, you need to compensate when you introduce VST effects etc, so a calculator is handy for it.

There is absolutely no compensation when using the Lynx AES pci card.

I don’t know quite sure if about UR28, but with my UR824 I have direct monitoring (and manageable inside Cubase)

I would be interested in this as well, as I just ordered a UR28M for delivery tomorrow. :smiley:

You should be able to get away with basically two settings - one for recording (optimized for low latency) and one for mixing etc (larger buffers). These can be setup in the template. More fussing about (tweaking) shouldn’t be necessary.