Direct Off Line Process - BUG or User Issue?

Hello, Ive recently using more Direct Off Line processing, Im not sure if this is a bug or something than im doing wrong…

I have a recording of 5 minutes vocals in Mono as they came from another studio, but in a Stereo mixer channel on cubase, and I was selecting parts then using shift+X to slice and then applying - Direct Off line processing… problem here is than the processing sounds in mono, even a ping pong delay, this shouldn’t be or yes? Also, in the normal inserts the sound of the FX are mono ¿why this happens?

The strange thing is than, I can make an empty channel, then draw small part to that mixer channel and I can get stereo sound… BUT more strange if I draw the complete vocal, instead of an small part, it turns again in to mono… not the channel but the sound ¿is there an explanation about this? or I should report as Issue?

Direct offline processing processes the event. A mono recording on a mono track will result in mono, no matter if that mono recording lives on a mono, stereo or 5.1 channel.

If you want to apply that ping pong delay in stereo you could use Render In Place and include the signal path (checkbox).

Another possibility would be to export the mono vocal track with ‘mono’ unchecked in the export dialogue. This will result in a new stereo file with mono content (left/right with the exact same signal). There you could apply stereo plugins via DOP and the result will be stereo.

The ususal method for most scenarios is to simply put the ping pong delay into an fx channel and automate the vocal send to the delay. No need for rendering/exporting/think of mono/stereo at all :wink:

I was so confused, now I have clear, Thank you so much by the reply