Direct Off Line Processing, does it work?

Direct Off Line Processing

Does it work?


I’m experiencing one issue where delays won’t play an extended tail length, and, DOP seems to make Cubase crash often. Also, Delays don’t beat synchronize correctly when Delays of any kind are used in DOP mode. (Using Stock Plug-ins Only).

I load one or two stock plug-ins and Cubase Pro 10 crashes. This is happening far too often. The only step-by step on this I can suggest is:.

Create Project
Create Stereo Audio Track (any material will do – drum hit, vocal clip, anything).
Invoke DOP (F7)
Assign some plug-ins to a clip (stock Cubase plug-ins)
Cubase Crashes

It locks up. And the only way out is Ctrl-Alt-Del for Task Manager, then “End Task.”

Current workaround. Don’t use DOP. :frowning: Really not ideal since the described workflow for it in the Operations Manual sounds really good (in theory).

Any suggestions, confirmation on DOP working or not?


DOP works fine for me.
I added 4 stock plug ins on a single track within a 38 track project I’m working on and Cubase didn’t hesitate at all!

All I can suggest is your Windows platform???

DOP works also fine to me. But sometimes it makes problems.
Especially if clips have already been edited, then cut, and again provided with new effects. Then sometimes the processing takes forever and does not stop anymore.
It is possible that some plugins will not work with DOP.
In 9.5 some some plugins from iZotope deletet one second of audio in the very beginning of the clip. (Windows 10 x64)

Thanks for the answers.

I’m honestly just now trying to integrate DOP into my workflow. Working with effects in the “normal way” was fine, but I decided to learn DOP and am noticing some “odd behaviors.” I’m wondering if there are “known issues” with DOP?

For now, while it seems like a great concept, the implementation seems rather hit or miss. sigh :frowning:

I’ll keep working with DOP. Some of the problems may have been caused by my operational errors, but, again, if there are “known issues” I wish the company would just post what they are so that we all don’t wind up hitting one or another of them – which will, of course, happen at the worst possible moment. :wink:

Thanks, Jim. Re-checking everything. (See my further comments above). Some of the problems may be operator error, but there seems to be some issues with some plug-ins or processing. Having problems with synched delays and tail lengths, but looking further.

Hi Stephen,

I didn’t mention it, as the test I did was with Cubase stock plugs, but I have a lot of third party plugs and, so far, they all seem to work correctly as well.

Having said that, all my third party plugs are legal (not cracked) and I regularly carry out elicenser maintenance, so maybe it is some plugs that are causing you issues!

I noticed that your system processor is better than mine but, having said that my system has more memory so maybe that’s an issue?

Good luck in sorting it out though.


Nope, this is working with stock plug-ins for Pro 10. I never use other than fully licensed, good quality plug-ins and software.

Mostly I’m finding I can’t get delays to have the correct tail length. Could be me. I’ll work with it some more and perhaps find I’ve not got the workflow exactly right.

It’s helpful to have confirmation that you’re working with DOP successfully. The board is relatively empty of DOP threads so 1) either a lot of people don’t use it, or 2) they use it without issue and hence few posts. I hope the latter.