Direct Offline Process - Bank/Presets/Keycommands

I’m using DOP a lot. I’m using DOP key Commands to recall a “Preset of a particular Plugin” Ex.: Fabfilter Q3 preset to high pass @ 120 Hz.

The way that the keycommands are linked to a particular Bank/Favorite is really bad. If by any chance you want to EDIT any of the presets you have, you are doomed. You need to recall every presets you did within that bank because the only way to modify a preset is to delete it. But when you delete it, all the order of all the presets in that bank are moved.

The only work around I found was to save a Track Preset for ALL presets of a particular bank in DOP. Each time I want to modify one of those presets in DOP.: I delete all of them, recall the first one with track preset, recall the second on with a track preset… etc… Until I can change the one I wanted … It’s a pain … a real Pain…

SO ! I Think this Preset/Bank/Favorite panel in DOP need a hole lotta love. Why not integrate the track presets as Keycommands ? Why not KEEP THE PRESET/BANK/FAVORITE in the same spot if you delete one? Why not put an “Edit” fonction with “rename” and “Delete” ???

I’ve got tones of presets I need to apply to events, not only 4X9=36… Why not infinite ?

Thanks for listening


yes, yes and yes!

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