Direct offline process progress bar?

How does one bring up the process progress bar for DOPs?

I’d like to know because sometimes I want to process a very long audio file with a complex process like denoising, it takes a very long time, and I want to see a progress bar so I know how long roughly it’ll take. Back when I was using Cubase 5, doing audio processes this window would pop up as standard. Now seems like it’s hidden.

I managed to do it by mistake somehow today when I was switching back and fourth between applications whilst waiting for the process. I then got a classic progress bar that popped up which I can’t seem to repeat. I’ve been reading the manual about direct offline processing and can’t seem to find anywhere that says how to bring up this window when doing a process.

Any ideas?


Recently I had to timestretch whole feature film sound mix from 24 to 25 frames and was wondering how much else I would wait for the end because of lack of progress bar. So yes, it would be nice to have it always.