Direct Offline Process - Time Corrected Pitch Shift - Broken

See attached image - second track is duplicate of top track, with an octave time corrected pitch shift applied using Direct Offline Process. As you can see it’s well wrong.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a long audio file, apply a non-timestretched pitch down to it.
  2. Chop that block into pieces.
  3. Select all the pieces
  4. Apply another non-timestretched pitch down to all the pieces
  5. Notice how they are now all totally broken misarranged pieces of the original long block.

Edited reproduction steps in less of a bad mood.

Giving this a bump as it would be really good to get acknowledgment of this problem.

To add to the details, I just noticed the project in which I discovered this issue has HUNDREDS of weird audio files that have appeared in the Edit folder all called something Pitch Shift with a big hashcode at the end.