direct offline process... working ? i don't get it.


i have a region length 29sec that is a portion of a longer audio file. i want to pitch shift up that region only.
i select it and open DOP.
dop is auto apply pitch with no time correction 1oct up.
the selected region jumps to 1oct and lenght is half (14sec). all good

now i apply time correction.
region length goes to 4min ! actualy what it does is open the region to the max audio in the original file.
is that how it’s supposed to work ? do i miss something ?

then i try to undo… things go a little crazy. DOP is not beeing removed from the file with undo i have to manually delete the pitch shift in the chain.
region size goes big small with undos… i don’t understand what’s going on.

since DOP i give up on little pitch shifts i would always use before to adjust sound design because it’s always random and i get lost in where the undo is and what i wanted in the first place.