Direct offline processing affects on the Vari audio edit

Hi all! It’s my first time typing here, at the begining thanks for all enormous amount of wisdom that takes place in this forum.

I have troubles with making (simultanuosly) edition on few vocal tracks with Variaudio and Direct offline processing (especially applying Silence). Every time, that I apply f.e. Silence, all Variaudio edits which was done so far is deleted, and I have to anylize audio once more.

I’ve already tried Edit>Preferences>editing>audio> on processing shared clips set to every option:
-Open options Dialog (nothing opens)
-Create new Version
-Process existing clip.
And there was no difference in my case.

Now before I add any process during Variaudio edition I’m bouncing clips… But it’s very annoying, and time-consuming.

Have you similar case ever?