Direct offline processing and changing event length


I have been loving Direct Offline Processing since day one as it keeps my mixer so nice and tidy!

One thing though, that would brighten up my editing days with it would be to have it extend the process when you extend an event.

So for example: I have an event (Clip, region, however you want to call it) with some forest birds. They’re a bit too bright and one bird is very loud, so I add some compression to soften up the loud bird, and some EQ to make them sound a bit more distant (and less bright). Awesome! No more EQ’s en compressors cluttering up my mixer.

So the director alters the edit a bit, and the shot just became about a second longer. No biggy, I extend the clip a bit… However… The direct offline processing applies to the part of the clip that I’ve processed only so at the place of the former cut, the volume/compression and EQ suddenly change!

The work around is the tedious process of copying your processes, lengthening the clip FIRST, then pasting the processes back on again. I’ts not impossible, But it’s a bit of a hassle. is this something you think could be streamlined?

Good luck with your request for a solution for this rather basic audio post problem (like clip eq and dynamics or proper plugin snapshot automation with copy and paste support that would be a solution to the same problem) A solution for this common problem in audio post has been requested since time began on this forum.

This is what making a habit and keep the extended Events on to like 2 seconds each side. helps a lot when it can be as much anticipated. Basically when not processing entire clips, keep handles on to help.

While this certainly works, I for one, am a composer/sound designer and not a monk :laughing:

If you’re dealing with, say, 40 clips you want to EQ a little bit, having to give all of them handles, AND taking the handles back out, especially if some of them are crossfaded with other clips is going to be a nightmare, not to mention not knowing if you’re ever going to have to change the length of the clip beforehand, you might be wasting hours of precious time managing edit handles.

Still tho, for now it seems like the only option, so thanks for the tip!!

Yes bit this doesn’t have to be done manually, it can be set in the DOP window, you can add X amount of handle time before selecting 40 clips and the process is automatic afterwards.

+1 for this.

With RX7 this is a nightmare, especially if you have connect in the chain: you have to reprocess it :blush:

I think there are a couple of things with DOP which need an update.
This “apply DOP to clips’ length extension” is one of them.
Pickup the phone and make an agreement with Izotope on their VST-implementation of RX Connect is another one.


I’m not sure how I could have missed this… Thanks!!

Cut out the loud bird?

Sorry I’m being an ass…

You’re totally correct… I’ve complained about this since day 1 of DOP. If we extent a region with some processing on it via DOP of course it should keep the processing. I’d love to hear the case where it shouldn’t

DOP should be a game changer… but I don’t know… I’ve lost faith that that anyone involved with Nuendo has ever actually done post production audio. It’s the best tool out there, but soooo far from what it should/could be.

DOP is a case in point… clearly a happy accident… but accidents aren’t welcome where I work.

we use it everyday for Audio Post. You can set parameters for like 10 second handles before starting work. it is a game changer for us.

Yeah I seriously only found this out a couple days ago…! I think it would still be very useful to be able to check a checkbox to just process the entire clip…

Can I just say I LOVE Steinberg for listening and adding this.

Cheers guys!

How do you do this now?

edit - nvm, I figured it out! I knew about the tail, but I guess never noticed the section next to it where you can make processing extend on both sides.

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