Direct Offline Processing and Izotope RX4 Connect Issues

Hey There,
I’m a little frustrated being not able to work with Izotope RX4 connect in Cubase.

After many trials and errors it seems I found the right way to go Izotope RX 4 and Back to Cubase, but processing is not applied, and RX connect tell me to “Press Process to commit changes”, but I’m not able to find Process or any similar thing in the interface

Any suggestion?

Thank you

Cubase Pro 10.0.30 (64 bit)
Izotope RX 4.03.997 (64 bit)
Windows 10 Pro 1809

Your Rx is outdated but moving on… The ‘Press Process etc.’ does not apply. See this youtube video, hopefully it will help:

thanks for the link.

When I hit “apply” as showed in the video, it simply send the (original not processed) file back to RX4.
So probably RX4 is outdated and not compatible with Direct Offline Processing in Cubase

Thank you

Ok, I can confirm it’s a RX4 related issue.
Demoed RX7, and the whole process works as expected

Thank you