Direct offline processing barely usable...

Hi everyone,

I started last week a sound editing for a Web-serie, and decided it was the perfect timing to try this new version that seems - as usual - innovative and promising. Here we go with Mac OSX 10.10.5.

But… Izotope RX6 (you already know about this one), Fabfilter v2.11, futzbox v6.3.15, reverse, stereo flip, pitch, nothing really works as expected with the Direct Offline Processing window :

  • parameter changes don’t apply (or after several tries).
  • Old parameters are most of the time applied instead of what I configured, same for the presets.
  • Sometimes the plugin goes off even before I can do anything.
  • When I use keyboard shortcuts, the direct offline process doesn’t understand anything half of the time.
  • On the fabfilters, when I use the modifier keys, the plugin simply crashes.
  • I am forced to close and re-open the DOP window so Nuendo understands I want to monitor what I’m doing, otherwise I have no signal at all.

I have about 2 hours of program to edit and can’t think about working this way -> Rolling back to N7.
That’s a shame because mixing with N8 is a real pleasure. I didn’t have any problem with a 20’ show I worked on last week (from various projects edited on N4, N5, N6 and N7, then dragged and dropped from a project to another). Even working with the Neyrinck V-control has been easy !

Do you have any sound editor as a beta-tester ? If you do, maybe you should consider working closely with him for the next update.

I hope the best for the next one so I’ll be able to unleash the beast :smiling_imp:

Unfortunately that’s exactly what I think.

I had the same experience in my use of Nuendo 8 (GUI issues have kept me from continuing use until they’re fixed). It’s a fantastic concept but needs to be fully working – it’s inconsistent and buggy right now.

Same here, I hope they fix it sooner than later as it’s a feature I use all the time.

Trying to wrap my head around the real time processing engine. I have been using it with the plugins I have and no issues. It was mentioned that a FabFilter Plugin doesn’t work, it crashes.

I am picking up some FabFilter plugins in the next couple of weeks and would like to know if all the common FabFilter plugins crash, which ones. If it matters with this issue, I am on WIndows 7 x64.

Has anyone come across a video that shows the workflow for using direct offline processing?



I had on-and-off issues with Fabfilter Pro-C2 and Volcano, but not MB or Pro-Q2.

Why does it drop the overall level while the Offline Processing window is open?

I have had 10 sudden shut-downs today, using the new and “improved” offline processing. In 5 out of 10 times Nuendo 8 just shuts down the instant I press "apply. According to the OSX error-log, it happens because I try to apply something to a “freed object” , whatever that means.

Another thing that happens constantly when I use new offline processor, is that it resets the preview listening slider in the media bay to 100%. And in the media bay I have found no way to adjust the preview level prior to the first preview. Well, I can of course adjust the overall listening level in the control room panel, and then turn down the preview slider once it appears in the media bay, … but SERIOUSLY!.. ; This is supposed to be a program "tailored to audio post-production workflows for film and TV".
In film production, the nominal audio level is -18db. So why is the preview level not defaulting to minus 18 (or even lower)?
When you are working in a calibrated mixing theatre, any sound played back at 100% is guaranteed to make your customers get pissed off regarding you an amateur – and you should be lucky if they don’t sue you for damaging their hearing.

I can fully appreciate programmers need to show off their skills, but please: There are users out here, using Nuendo for professional work. Why change something that works perfectly well, when there are SO many other things that needs improvement in Nuendo?
Part from giving us a dedicated preview-level-fader, you could start with improving the navigation bar – or improving the search criteria in the media bay, so searching for “Rain” don’t give us hundreds of results for “Train”.

Well…just some steam blown off. Sorry!


The new forum needs “I like the post”-votes…

And why dump the nice thumbs-up/thanks feature?

I’m really battling with the new offline processing. The new implementation will probably be good once it’s sorted out - I hope sooner than later

mmm… i used to use antares Auto tune on audio clips/events, now with the Direct Offline Processing something is wrong,its harder to access and the main issue is that Auto tune only makes effect when preview in DOP window,after apply(or auto apply mode) the event on project has not changed, even when “make all permanent” is done the auto tune does not apply to the event.
is there still a way to do the offline process in the “old” way in N8 ?

PLEASE!!! This is ridiculous!! Try pitch shifting a piece of music - choose poly complex algorithm, apply and it jumps back to the basic algorithm! Useless…!!

Try reversing a sample by key command. Not possible anymore…

I think you guys need to break out each issue and create a thread for each, and put [BUG] in the thread title. So far there’s very little indication Steinberg is reading this, and you would help others by logging the bugs more clearly in the forum.

In my humble opinion anyway…

Good point

Same here. Just updated to Nuendo 8 because I wanted to use it on a few upcoming projects. Offline processing is really not usable. And without it functioning, I cannot work in Nuendo 8. I might do the final mix in it, but otherwise I will have to stick with Nuendo 7 for now.

I know this probably a pointless question, but how does something get released with a new feature that is this broken? I don’t get it, just want to understand how it happens! :slight_smile:

Did you pay for this upgrade?

Yes I did. It was a major mistake…I should have waited for the trial but was antsy to get some features that I miss from Pro Tools being on Cubase. My mistake there, for sure. I didn’t own Nuendo before – it was a crossgrade from Cubase.