Direct Offline Processing Brickwall limiter or maximizer not working as Should

Hi all,

Brickwall limiter and maximizer are not working as should in direct offline processing.

Have tried a combination of fx ending with a maximizer set to -6 and signal goes beyond -6. Tried brickwall limiter at the end also with same results.

Doing same thing but putting maximizer or brickwall limiter at the master bus work as should.

Any ideas?

On vacation without Nuendo, but haven’t seen that yet.
Are you sure you haven’t got a level change post processing?
Clip level, fader or a compressed inserted with gain makeup?

You can always check the actual peak level of the clip. using the analytics tool

Just tested this here and both those plugins seem to work flawlessly. As Erik suggests… do you have some other fader or process on the track post processing which affects the level you see?

What version of Nuendo are you using? Mac or PC? What is the precise DOP plugin chain you are using and what are the settings?