Direct Offline Processing? Cannot uadition?? Only with that play button?

Direct Offline Processing seems like a very cool feature… but am I correct in that you cannot listen to the effect in real-time like inserts? For example, open direct offline processing on the kick mic. Load EQ into it. Do NOT hit “apply” yet. Now I want to listen to a loop of the entire drum kit while I adjust the EQ in the direct offline processing window - until I’m happy with the sound of the kick in the mix.

It seems I can only listen though with that little play button… How am I supposed to hear how the adjustments will sound in the mix? Forgive me if I’m missing something here. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction so I know how to do this…


The preview button is gone, but now you can preview, edit, and remove offline processing more or less the same way as inserts. DOP is pretty flexible and 100% non-destructive.

The Alt+Space key command behaves pretty much the same as the old preview button, playing the selected event/range and then stopping without muting the other tracks.

How? I have a project open right now - I select an event on the kick drum track. I click +plugin, and add the studio eq. I set a filter to cut everything below 1000khz. I hit “play” on the main project transport, and I hear my song/mix playing, but I am hearing the entire kick - not the hp version. If I press the “play” button in the Direct Offline Processing window, it plays only the kick track, and the hp filter is working now, but it’s playing only the kick… I don’t hear the rest of my mix, so I can’t hear how the hp filtered kick is working within the mix.

This plays the range, but I am not hearing the effect until I “apply” it… I don’t want to apply it though until I"ve had opportunity to tweak the effect while listening to the mix… but how do I do that?

I don’t see how this feature works like inserts do… Without the ability to tweak the effect in realtime to hear adjustments (while the mix is playing), and when happy, then “apply” it, Direct Offline Processing is pointless for me. What am I missing?

Offline processing is completely non-destructive now, that’s why Auto Apply is enabled by default. You can go back to that audio event and and edit, undo or remove every single offline process you’ve applied to it at any point during mixing.

Leaving Auto Apply on isn’t exactly a real time preview, but leaving it on and using the key command I mentioned is the closest equivalent. I guess an option to not mute the rest of the project during audition could be a feature request.

Yes, without this ability, I will probably NEVER use Direct Offline Processing. If it had this ability, I would use it CONSTANTLY.

You’re absolutely right. To eliminate the preview button is crazy. I used to use it several times in each mixing session. Now I do not do it anymore. An absurd retreat. I wonder who has come up with this brilliant idea. It is certainly not the first time that many of us miss every day Cubase functions that have been eliminated.