Direct Offline Processing - Crossfade


I have recently upgraded to Cubase 10 Pro & I really miss the (Pre & Post - Crossfade) options in the Direct Offline Processing, from Cubase 6 Pro.

Is it possible to have this added back in a future update??

Please see attached picture.


I can’t believe they ripped this out. Critical to my workflow. New DOP is unstable and adds way to many steps to do simple one key macros.

same here, still using CB9 because of this…thats the last version without updated DOP

on my latest Cubase 9.5 & 10 install, also the TAIL option also doesnt work, when auditioning (previewing).
So you cant hear what you are doing when adding reverbs and delays :confused:

I cant believe more people aren’t writing about this.

Yes, I’m missing this feature too. For me this was one of the most important features in Cubase daw for sound design and such - cross/fading in and out fxs and different plugins. This new DOP is such a nuisance , Hope they’ll bring back it’s proper functionality soon.

If it has been in Cubase, since version 6 (uncertain if in earlier versions) until 9, why remove it now? It’s obviously a good feature if they kept it in that long :roll_eyes:. I wonder if Steinberg actually read these requests or is it only a dream to have this back in a future update :joy:

+1 miss this feature alot in Cubase 10… maybe i go back to Cubase 9! Really a bad move from Steinberg!

not sure I ever used this, missed this one. what does it do exactly? someone make a video?

IIRC it means you can process just one region of an audio event with a specific plugin or process destructively via offline processing, and apply the pre/post crossfade between the effected part and the original non-effected part… this was using the previous offline processing mode which has now been replaced by the buggy ‘direct offline processing’ feature.

DOP has a number of issues that some have already touched on, some things are slower to do now, but It’s also inconsistent when applied to a small trimmed part of a large audio file, it can extend it back out and do weird things - also it doesn’t work correctly with certain high latency plugins (Acustica Audio for example, I’ve seen many posts about issues with other plugs too, like Antares Autotune).

The idea that we can have ‘live’ offline processing that can be re-accessed and edited at any time is a nice one. This would be great if it worked smoothly, but why remove the option for true offline processing like we had before? I know it’s destructive, but I’d rather have it destructive and working properly than buggy and non-destructive.

It really concerns me that Steinberg are so happy to throw away perfectly fine working features, replace them with buggy ones, and then ignore those bugs for new releases. But hey - we’ve got an update for Padshop Pro and a new delay effect, and export to video (a feature we had for years and they are now charging us to get back!)… sigh.

Where’s the PROPER Windows hidpi support that was promised on the C10 release? Where are the basic things we’ve all been asking for for years, like -
turn off scrolling in the mixer,
more key commands (yes we get discrete snap functions, thank god, but come on, there’s SO much more they could have added - see this thread,
vertical zoom with mousewheel (why not steinberg?! Every other DAW can do this!),
previously mentioned bugs with DOP,
the vibe-killing ASIO glitches whenever we add/remove a plugin or track, or route anything to anything else… these are the things that should be getting addressed imo.

I am no big fan of Protools, but I’ll say this for them - they are VERY reticent to remove any functionality like this because they know their products are being used in professional environments, and people have specific workflows that rely on them.

Ah well, apologies for the rant. Maybe Cubase 11 will be more fruitful…