Direct Offline Processing - delete unused files?

Hi folks,

Am i right in thinking that every time you use direct offline processing, it creates a WAV, and if you later tweak your FX, a new WAV gets created but the old one doesn’t get deleted?

And these WAVs don’t appear in the pool?

So basically, if you use this feature a lot on large pieces of audio, your hard-disk will get totally clogged up with these WAVS, and there’s no way to delete the un-needed ones?

Please tell me there’s a workaround for this or i’m missing the correct workflow for this feature!

Thanks! …J

Yes, you are correct on all counts. I’ve noticed the same “impossible to properly manage” unneeded DOP edits scenario. :open_mouth: I’m also looking for a “workable” solution if one exists.

Steinberg need to check out how it works in Samplitude (and has done since the 90’s), a much better system. DOP is super-clunky.

Why, for example, doesn’t it have an FX rack exactly like a normal track, plus a “freeze” button?

Then you would be able to copy racks between the two.

And all those useless files clogging up your hard disk, no option to delete un-used, c’mon Steinberg, put some guys on cleaning up this mess before adding more features!