Direct offline Processing files


I was wondering:
when I do D.O.P. on an event Cubase stores the new files in the folder EDIT.
But when I later on decide to delete all the Plugins in the D.O.P. on that same event, the files in Edit are not deleted.
Is this correct? that folder gets very large this way

And on the side I have to say C10 (upgrade from 9.5.40)works great for me, no troubles at all !

I noticed this too. This is especially terrible when working with very long Audio Files.

They should give us an optional legacy DOP like in the old days, which was a function that i often used.

The new DOP, i try to avoid because of many weird behaviours like the mentioned HDD space wasting for no reason.
Sometimes it even writes many files when changing a parameter in a plugin, so better don`t touch the plugins you wanna process :laughing:

So at last I deleted the edited files in the edit folder that were referring to that specific track.
The track did not have any DOP anymore.
But Cubase keeps missing those files during loading that project.
So I deleted the whote track, also in the Pool.
Then imported the track again from an older project, but Cubase keeps on asking those missing files during loading.
Wish I knew the place where it keeps that information so I could delete that.

Have seen quite a few posts scattered around about this ‘new’ DOP tool - a few rough edges, indicating its still a work in progress… You may have to post a Feature Request for this ‘clean-up of edited files’ functionality (no bug as such; I suspect this is all currently working as designed). :wink:

so does the tool clean up after itself or does it bloat the HD?